Product Care & Maintenance

We use a water based non-emitting penetration sealer. As long as your concrete is properly sealed, it should be as easy to clean as a laminated surface.

 If you see minute hairlines/cracks/pores, that's the natural part of (hand-crafted) concrete casting which adds a beauty to the product.

For the initial days do not leave any items on the concrete top for a long period of time and take care to wipe any liquid stains immediately.
Use a damp cloth for regular cleaning and avoid the use of aggressive scrubbing pads or abrasive cleansers as they ruin the final polish.
Don’t place any hot tableware or cookware directly from the stove or oven on the concrete surface.
Over time the concrete products can become little light or dark due to weather exposure.
Concrete chipping can be possible if not handled with care.
Don’t use a sealed counter-top as a cutting board.
Use coasters or felt pads below anything with sharp edges.

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