Introducing The Trend Of ‘Concrete’ And Why You Should Use It:

Introducing The Trend Of ‘Concrete’ And Why You Should Use It:

Concrete has always been the most commonly used building material. Back in time, concrete was used only for purposes like the construction of sidewalks, foundation walls and driveways. It was never thought as a substance that could be brought in as an element into residential homes or workspaces. Very recently, all of that has changed for good.
The concrete trend is now quite popular and common and is being used for floorings, fixtures, shelving, decor elements and more.

Wondering why you should choose concrete? There are many reasons to get you going with the new trend:
1. Strength:

We aren’t unaware of the elements of ‘mazbuti’ being associated with concrete. There is a certain process that goes behind getting the raw concrete ready to be used further. It is a mixture of paste and aggregates and the strength is determined by the ratio of water to cement. When, we ensure the right proportion of materials, it comes as a guaranteed promise of strength in products for our customers.

2. Durability:
Durability determines the ability of concrete to resist any form of wear, pressure or damage. Concrete is one material that is resistant to most natural environments and various chemicals. Examples to support its’ durability are evident everywhere around us. The use of concrete for the construction of roads, buildings and bridges are a proof of their resistance to climatic conditions, wear and tear and from the seawater.

3. Non-flammability :
Concrete is non-combustible due to the components like limestone, gypsum and clay. All of these are chemically inert. Concrete also has a slow rate of heat transfer. If you resort to using concrete walls in your home, it will act as a fire shield due to its properties. Whereas, materials like wood and plastic could easily catch fire.

4. Sustainability:
Concrete has always been regarded as the most sustainable material used for major infrastructure. It continues to function even after the estimated lifespan of a material is reached and thus it reduces the additional costs that might be required for repair and replacement. The materials used in concrete have low energy costs, high durability, low requirement of maintenance and a large proportion of recycled and recyclable materials.


5. Environmental  Friendly:
The world is facing a high risk due to the damages caused by the use of materials contributing to pollution. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to look up to it and make sure that we try our best to avoid the damages. The use of concrete promotes the idea of a sustainable environment. The materials and components are friendly for the ecosystem and prevent us from any kind of harm.

These reasons also give us an insight into the understanding logical and moral responsibility to abide by. Are you wondering of ways to include concrete in your homes and how you can craft out decor ideas from it? Stay tuned! We will be bringing more for you.





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