Isola Milan Design week 2024

Isola Milan Design week 2024

We’re happy to announce our participation at Isola Milan Design Week from 15-21 April, 2024. 


Amidst the grandeur of this event, we're thrilled to introduce our latest Coffee Table –Pravaa’; featuring our iconic Concrete Marmoreal table top paired with Resin legs that defy conventional methods of resin manufacturing.

Inspired by the Sanskrit word for "flow," Pravaa embodies the inherent beauty and fluidity of materials, transforming them into works of art. 


The Essence of Pravaa:

Pravaa is a testament to the power of materials that shape our surroundings. Just as water flows effortlessly, molding the landscape in its wake; Pravaa embodies this sense of fluidity and adaptability. Each element of the table from the concrete marmoreal surface to the translucent resin legs is imbued with a sense of movement and grace that reflects the seamless integration of form and function.

We were captivated by the raw beauty of concrete: its strength, its texture and its imperfections. As we explored its potential, we discovered a world of possibilities waiting to be unleashed. With every pour and polish we allowed the concrete to dictate its own form embracing its natural flow and character. Our Resin Legs pair perfectly casting an ethereal glow upon the sturdy foundation of concrete.


At the heart of Pravaa lies a dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each vein in the marmoreal surface is a testament to the hands that shaped it, while every bubble trapped within the resin legs tells a story of meticulous care and precision. It's a labor of love, a celebration of the artistry that defines our brand.


Our journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of material innovation, seeking to redefine the boundaries of traditional design. 

We hope to continue the same in the future by showcasing unconventional methods to incorporate conventional materials into slow crafted furniture that aims at empowering local artisans as well as incorporating sustainable production methods.

Our mission extends beyond mere design; it's about making a positive impact on communities and the environment, one piece of furniture at a time.


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