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We at Crio believe in the possibilities of concrete ware as aesthetically raw, functional, durable & timeless pieces that should be integrated into the spaces we love. Our pieces are an individualistic portrait which narrates their life story from their inception and gathering stories of the places they adorn. All our pieces possess a unique character which is nonreplicable because we believe the value of non-conformity. All our products are handcrafted, hand-cast, and finished by skilled concrete artisans, expressing themselves through their art.

Crio is a result of us Vishwa & Yayati Patel, a sibling duo with Architecture and Engineering background with a common love for design and aesthetics. We are passionate to reinvent décor, which is highly functional and minimalistic while also embodying new age aesthetics and shared value of creating sustainable timeless pieces. Our passion for traveling also gives us a creative edge reflected in the cutting-edge design and functional possibilities of our products which is a result of inspirations from all over the world. We aim to introduce to India concepts of material exploration as well as designs in décor that we felt was missing from the current offerings.

We craft concrete ware ranging from bath-ware, furniture, and planters and are in the process of expanding the horizons of placing concrete into all aspects of life. Along with us, our team of experienced designers creates custom pieces of décor, furniture, and accessories.

Each piece that leaves our workshop carries our values of attention to detail, sustainability, eco- friendly manufacturing processes, locally sourced raw materials, and locally manufactured in India.

—Vishwa & Yayati 

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